You can read a lot of blogs written by a lot of people who are way smarter than I am and they’ll give you countless tips about how to make the most of 4th quarter as an Amazon FBA seller.

I do not have countless tips. I have 1 SUPER IMPORTANT tip that I surely wish I’d taken seriously last year – even though I heard it over and over again from FBA veterans.

Ready? Here it is…


and then ship even more.

and then have a drink or fourteen…but ship even more.

Had I listened to that advice last year, JD and I would have made even more money than we did… and we made some money, y’all.

We ran out of inventory. Imagine our Amazon store as though it was the only grocery store in a small town that was about to be hit by a hurricane-anado-snowageddeon. Yeah. It was like that.

So if you never listen to another thing I tell you (except of course when I tell you that The Walking Dead is awesome and glitter makes everything better) LISTEN TO ME NOW.

Ship. MORE. Inventory!

PS: Make sure that you ALWAYS use eBates when you’re shopping online. Those Big Fat Payments are amazeballs.

You don’t have to use my referral link, but if you do I will surely love you for it.

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