I’ve written about Amazon bundles before, but I continued to be amazed at how well they sell and how profitable they can be. Looking at our Inventory Lab numbers this morning, it was easy to see where we are really killing it this 4th quarter: AMAZON BUNDLES!

I have found I can do some due diligence in finding out what the super popular and fast selling items are, group them together in a way that provides tremendous value to Amazon customers, and our business is rewarded with wonderful profit margins.

Amazon Bundles that provide great value to Buyers are super hot this season!

As well as we are doing with bundles, I see some on Amazon and just cringe. It often looks as though someone has gone through and thrown some products together with no thought of providing value and great customer service to Amazon’s customers. It always stings a bit when I see that sort of thing because even though I know they won’t sell well, I feel like it reflects poorly on 3rd party sellers.

When I build a new Amazon bundle listing, I work very hard on the keywords, listing title, bullets and description. It takes awhile, but I know it pays off.

Next, I utilize Amazon ads so that I can make sure my new listing doesn’t get lost in a sea of products. I’ve found these ads to be incredibly effective and affordable.

It works every time, and it works well. The bottom line for me though is this: I have to put a bundle together that is going to serve the needs and budget of shoppers. Period. If I fall short in that area, I won’t have success.

Wherever you are today, I hope you’re happy, that your business is thriving, and you are blessed in every way.

Talk soon!