I know you’re creating Amazon bundles in this 4th quarter. I have learned to love bundles, and while I’ve surely made some mistakes along the way, I still think they are and will continue to be a big part of our Amazon business success.

I first learned about the power of Amazon bundles from Jessica Larrew. (What doesn’t she know?) Since then, I’ve really put an emphasis in trying to do better and better when I am coming up ideas for Amazon bundles, creating the pics & the listings for the bundles, and making sure they are packaged correctly.

It’s really paying off. We just sent a new bundle today, and I’m always excited to see how they do.

If you’re like me, you’re a freak about double-checking that you are doing everything correctly so that your Amazon bundle will be found by buyers, and equally important, so that you don’t put your account in jeopardy because you didn’t follow the rules.

To that end, I created this quick tips cheat sheet for Amazon bundles I thought I would share today. Feel free to print it, share it, use it on your own blog, or send me a box of chocolate-covered Mucinex for my efforts. (I have a sinus infection today. Ick.)

Amazon Bundles

Quick Tips Cheat Sheet

Amazon Bundles: A cheat sheet for creating phenomenal bundles!