JD and I hope your Q4 was as successful as ours… or even better. He and I decided some time ago that once Q4 was in the books for us, we would change our business model significantly for 2015.

That’s exactly what we’re poised to do.

It’s no big secret at all. In 2015, we will work super hard on creating two methods of selling on Amazon.

Our 2015 Plan

After much thought and analysis, JD and I have decided we will move away from retail and online arbitrage. We are glad we started with it, but it’s just not the business model for us.

Instead we will focus on:

1. Amazon bundles that are either impossible for other sellers to duplicate or at the very least, challenging.

2. We are moving into the Private Label arena.

Our 2015 Amazon FBA business plan

There is nothing wrong with retail or online arbitrage. It’s been very good to us.

Man-oh-man, has arbitrage been good to us. Especially after reading Chris Green’s book.  In Q4, thanks to smart folks who taught us what arbitrage looks like and how to do it well, fish were jumping in the boat faster than we could handle. It was FABULOUS!

Having said that, we have been entrepreneurs long enough (decades, really) to know when it’s time to change paths. It’s sort of the “know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em kind of thing.”

This article from Fast Company sums up so well what we are most interested in for 2015 and beyond. It’s just remarkable, and we are in awe of the business model.


To that end, we’ve plunked down $500 to take the Andy Slamans course to learn more about private labeling.

Will I be reviewing it here? You know me… absolutely, I will. 🙂

In the meantime, JD and I really want to continue to be good to those of you who are learning (as we are) and that will mean I will often now share some deals with you as I find them that we would normally have been all over ourselves, but will pass on as we move toward our new future.

To your success in the coming year!