Want to grow your Amazon business? Get approved in Amazon gated categories. Seriously.

Shoes. Watches. Clothing.

You’ll open up your business to new possibilities and growth potential. We got approved for everything we wanted and although we did it by ourselves (no service), it wasn’t easy.

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Okay, so truth be told, JD got us approved while I offered helpful input like, “Are you done yet? When can I buy 8 pallets of shoes and handbags?”

He’s a smart guy. Nothing intimidates him. Getting us approved for gated categories on Amazon wasn’t the hardest thing he’s ever done, but for sure it was one of the most tedious.

Since that time we’ve seen a lot of “ungating” services pop-up to help Amazon FBA sellers get approved for new categories. Since we never used any of them I can’t say personally how great they are or are not.

What I can tell you is who I would trust if I were going to pay for help in category approval.

Jessica & Cliff Larrew of The Selling Family. 

What I know about Jessica & Cliff is how trustworthy they are. JD and I have spent a lot of dollars on The Selling Family’s products and training and it’s no small thing to say we’ve never been disappointed or felt we made a mistake.

If they say they are going to help you get approved in new categories, then that’s exactly what they’re going to do. They walk you through the entire process while you are in complete control of your business.

Here’s what they provide:

  • A Step-By-Step Guide so you can see exactly how to fill out your application
  • Downloadable images that meet Amazon’s criteria, so you don’t have to edit for hours in photoshop
  • Email support until you are approved, if you are not approved right off the bat

Yes. I’m an affiliate of The Selling Family. But, because I can say from experience that I trust Jessica & Cliff, I’m proud to be an affiliate. I believe you can trust them, too.

With 4th quarter coming I strongly suggest you get approved in gated categories whether you hire someone to help you or you go it alone. You won’t regret it.