Keywords – the most wonderful and terrible things since the dawn of the internet. 🙂 I’ve gone up and down, around and around with keywords, as have all of us who’ve been doing any sort of serious web writing this last decade. Naturally, when I started to sell on Amazon, I knew I had to learn about Amazon keywords and that I had to find out whether there was an actual Amazon keyword tool that was specific to the way folks search there.

I have Market Samurai, which is a paid tool I use to help me uncover great keywords and to analyze them as accurately as possible. But, I knew that beyond Google keywords (which is what Market Samurai taps into), there had to be something more tailored toward how Amazon buyers search for products they want to buy.

The Amazon Keyword Tool Every Amazon Seller Needs to Use. Free & Easy. :-)

It didn’t take long to learn the very best Amazon keyword tool is Amazon itself. I found many blog articles and examples of how to use Amazon to learn what your customers are searching for, and to find things that maybe you hadn’t even thought of selling.

I’ve been using this method for a few months now, and I love it. I think Mr. Jim Edwards does about the best job of explaining the “secret” Amazon keyword tool. Here’s a link to his video and I encourage you to subscribe to his YouTube channel after you’ve watched.

Amaze  On!