I promised y’all another Amazon keyword list for 4th quarter, and boy-howdy, did I ever take my sweet time in getting them to you.

In other news, that was the most Southern I’ve been in at least a week. The North Carolina in me just needs to be acknowledged every now & again. 🙂

355 Amazon Keywords for 4th Quarter! #AmazonFBA #SellingOnAmazon

As I’ve said before, I am a keyword nerd. I have been for years.  I know how powerful they are, and how intentional, careful use of Amazon keywords can be a game-changer for product listings. When I created my first listing on Amazon, I sent out promo codes to two people I knew and asked them to order my product & review it so that my listings would be found.

To be honest, that didn’t feel good to me. Even though I asked them to be honest, of course they were going to leave good reviews. I thought surely I could get my new listings found without trying to stack the deck in a way I felt skirted dangerously close to buying product reviews.

My sure-fire way to get my new listings found is not rocket science. I spend time upfront carefully choosing my keywords. I use them in the listing itself and then I use Amazon ads that utilize even more of them. I have been blown away at how effective that strategy is. I’ve never had a bundle I created not sell out. The more I create them now, the faster they sell and the more often I can replenish them. I straight up love it!

Let’s get to it then. Here we go….

Amazon Keywords List for 4th Quarter

(I know I’ve repeated some keywords in this list that were on the first list. Begging forgiveness, but I thought having them all in one place would be nicer for you.)

Rather print these to hang in your office? Click here: Amazon 4th Quarter Keyword Ideas

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