Amazon keywords for 4th quarter is where my head is today. I’m really trying to work on great bundles for 4th quarter. That’s a huge push for our business right now. Unique bundles just make sense to me and I’ve done really well with some bundles I created for us in the past. To make those unique bundles though, I know I need to be neck deep in Amazon keywords. (Full disclosure: I’m a keyword geek from way back, so I’m loving it.)

I have definitely made some bundle mistakes since we started in March, by the way. I choose to consider those learning opportunities rather than mistakes. 😉

As I was doing a deep dive today, I said to myself, “Collette,” (which is what I call myself when I have internal dialogue even though that’s not my name. “Collette,” I said, “you should share a list of the Amazon keywords you’ve hit on for 4th quarter with the FBA community.”

Whatever Collette says I usually do, so here we go. I hope they can be useful to you in your business. If they are, please give this post a social share in some way… even if you just go outside and leave a Post It note on your neighbor’s dog.

Amazon Keywords for 4th Quarter

Amazon Keywords for 4th Quarter

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{Update: I have a new list of Amazon Keywords for 4th Quarter. It’s a whopping 355 keywords! Click here to snag all of them.)

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