When we started Amazon FBA in March, I sent in several boxes of multipack items (case-packed) and paid to have Amazon prep & label for me. I didn’t know enough to even know what I didn’t know. 🙂 Since that time my partner and I have agreed that we much prefer to have Amazon prep and label for us, and decided that we wanted to get to that point with all our inventory. I read something in a forum the other day though that threw a wrench in the works. Someone asked, “Will Amazon prep & package my bundles & multipacks?” Several people with far more experience than we have answered, “NO.”

Well slap me silly. This was not happy news for me as somehow, I’ve been sending them and somehow they’ve been packaged correctly.

My partner and I got on the phone with seller support this morning and asked them, “Will Amazon prep & package my bundles & multipacks?”

The answer?

Will Amazon prep my multipacks & bundles?

No. They will not. Multipacks and bundles must already be packaged and labeled as a set prior to being shipped to Amazon.


The lady in seller support said that in the past they’d sort of allowed that, but they have so many more sellers now that they have to stop.

I don’t love this news, frankly, because we feel our time is better spent having Amazon prep & label.

Anywho… the good news is I get to support the wonderful and fast Bubblefast with more orders of their FBA supplies. 🙂


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