If you’re an Amazon seller, you received an email letting you know that Amazon has (finally) lowered the boom on sellers who think keyword stuffing is the key to the kingdom.

I get it. Someone these sellers that when creating their listings they should use every single character Amazon gives them for their title. Honestly I sometimes wonder if the person(s) teaching that class learned marketing from late night get-rich nut jobs back in 1992.

It’s a horrible practice.

You know what else makes me go all crazy-eyes? When I see this in an Amazon title:

“Best widget on Amazon #1 on Amazon 100% money back guarantee ours is the original!”

Search for oven mitts on Amazon. You’ll see what I mean.

The character count for Amazon product listing titles has changed to 200. SeekBuySell.com

Amazon Product Titles: the email

Dear seller,

Your success is important to us, and our research shows that listings with clear product information make it easier for customers to find, evaluate, and purchase products.

To improve the customer experience, all listings sellers create after July 15, 2015, with a title length more than 200 characters will be suppressed from search and browse. Existing listings with a title length more than 200 characters will not be suppressed, but the titles may be shortened by Amazon to meet this criteria.

When creating new listings, make sure to keep the title, which is the Product Name, for each product less than 200 characters. Customers will not be able to find your listings created after July 15 until you have shortened their title to less than 200 characters.

To fix and unsuppress your listings created after July 15, 2015, that have titles with more than 200 characters:

1. Sign into Seller Central and click Manage Inventory under Inventory

2. Click Suppressed ASINs, then filter according to title

3. Shorten the ASIN title to less than 200 characters and save changes


1. Sign into Seller Central and click Inventory Reports under Manage Inventory

2. Download the Listing Quality and Suppressed Listing Report, and filter the listings according to Product Name

3. Re-submit the ASINs with a product name length of less than 200 characters through an inventory template

Thank you for selling on Amazon.


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