I know a lot of Amazon sellers are confused when it comes to products that are “reserved” in Seller Central.

We were a bit confused as well. That’s why I decided to call Amazon support and get a definitive answer.

Wondering what it means when your inventory shows as "reserved" in Amazon seller central? The answers - straight from Amazon.

Here’s the breakdown of what Amazon had to say regarding “Reserved” status and what it actually means for Amazon sellers:

  • Item is attached to a Pending Order (could be part of a combo order, or simply in queue until the customer’s Payment Method is cleared/approved.
  • Item is being transferred from one FC (Fulfillment Center) to another (note that the quantity in reserve may temporarily show double – ex. a single item moving from one FC to another might show “2” in reserve, representing the item moving out of FC #1, as well as the item being received in FC #2.)

Steps to determine if a Reserved item is attached to a Pending Order:

  • In Seller Central, go to “Inventory” >> “Manage Inventory” and filter by the “Reserved” column
  • Copy the ASIN of an item for which you want to verify existence of Pending Orders
  • Go to “Orders” >> “Manage Orders”
  • Select “Advanced Search” to the right of the yellow Search button (top left)
  • Select “ASIN” from the Search drop-down, paste the ASIN in, then click the “Search” button.

If you have Pending Orders for the selected item, they will display here. If not, you can assume that the item is in transit from one FC to another.

We hope that helps clear up “reserved” status for your products for sale on Amazon.

Profit on!