Black Friday sourcing is, to put it bluntly, is not exactly the cake walk some would have you believe. JD and I made a lot of money off some Black Friday deals last year, which was awesome. But, guess what? We LOST some money, too. I don’t want that to happen to you.

Here are some Black Friday tips I hope will help save your sanity & your wallet!

Don't even think about shopping on Black Friday until you read these tips!

DO: Plan ahead. Determine your budget, follow Black Friday ads & sites, and use apps to your full advantage.

DO: Shop online. Almost everything for sale in the stores will be online. And, the big ticket items that may not be? They’ll only have a tiny number in stores anyway.

Always start with Ebates!

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Unless you’re made of I can’t understand why ANYONE would EVER shop online without using Ebates & the Ebates browser extension.

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DO: Act fast if a brand that’s rarely on sale during the year is offering any sort of discount. These will go fast.

DO: Use points-earning credit cards to make purchases – NOT DEBIT CARDS. Debit cards aren’t nearly as safe for online shopping.

DO: Increase your “price IQ” prior to Black Friday on things you want to be sure you’re really getting a great deal. Use sites like CamelCamelCamel to view the price history on things you will shop for.

DO: GET UP INSANELY EARLY!!! Black Friday is not the day to sleep until 7. The truth is lots of online sales will start on Thanksgiving eve.

DON’T: Forget that many of the “deals” you’ll see on Black Friday aren’t deals at all. Stick to your the list you’ve researched as much as possible.

DO: Buy discounted gift cards in anticipation of Black Friday and really boost your deals. We use Raise, but you can also try Gift Card Granny.

DON’T lose sight of your budget. Nothing will make you as sick as overbuying and realizing you couldn’t afford what’s in all those boxes showing up at your door.

DO: Get help if you’re new to sourcing on Black Friday. I trust Stephen Smotherman as one of the most generous, thorough FBA folks around. He’s offering help for newbies with his book The Reseller’s Guide to Black Friday. (affiliate) He even includes a Black Friday BOLO List.

DO: Research stores beforehand where you don’t normally shop. You can download our list of 970+ stores & places to shop online right here. PS: It’s $1.99 because it took me a zillion hours to put it together. Also, I never exaggerate. 🙂 Go here to get your copy. 

What are YOUR tips for sourcing on Black Friday? You’d be doing lots of people a solid if you’d share in the comments below. (Thank you!)