When JD and I first starting selling on Amazon, we did what I think virtually every new seller does. We found products at a low price either online or in stores, and we sold them on Amazon at their price, hopefully making a profit.

We still do a lot of that.

But, it wasn’t too long before some interesting metrics about our Amazon store started to show up in Inventory Lab.

The bundles that I’ve been creating for our business are our SINGLE BIGGEST money maker and have the LARGEST margins. No matter how great the deals we find via retail and online arbitrage, they still can’t touch our success with bundles.

We began to discuss a strategy for our business that puts bundles and private labeling at the forefront of what we do.

As they say, when the student is ready the teacher will come.

Cut to Debra Conrad’s new course…

Bundle Basics and Advanced Strategies

Amazon Bundles - Basic and Advanced Strategies

I rushed to buy Debra’s course quicker than you can Google,”How do you put a gypsy curse on sellers who drop the price on your bundles and also submit an ASIN change at the same time?”

Yes, I realize that the listings belong to Amazon. Yes, I understand that the free market is a wonderful thing and that these sellers have every right to come on listings I create and sell the products for whatever price they like.

At the same time though, I knew if we could make it impossible for other sellers to ruin our profitability on listings we create, our business would experience growth like never before.

Creating great bundles isn't quick & easy.

When I create a bundle I spend a lot of time researching. I look at sales trends for the items I’m going to include. I look at rank for the products. I do a deep dive into search trends for months ahead.

I agonize over making sure I have great photos, and bullet points and keyword rich sales copy in the descriptions.

Why would I want to continue to spend time doing all that so that other sellers can come in and cause me to lose sales? That would be absurd.

How Debra's course helped me.

This particular Debra Conrad training course gave me the knowledge I needed to be able to close the gap in our bundle listings so that I can prevent our competitors from coming in and taking away our profitability.

Over her years in online selling, Debra has uncovered the road less traveled on Amazon. She began to see that when she did A, added in a little B, and sprinkled it with a touch of C, she could offer Amazon buyers incredible value while guaranteeing her products’ exclusivity.

You can applaud Debra for her ingenuity. You can appreciate her products and buy her bundles.

What you can’t do is copy her listings, drop the price of her listings, or  diminish her ability to continue to profit on these listings for as long as the market allows.

That is exactly what JD and I have been looking for, and exactly what we very quickly learned in Amazon Bundles – Basic and Advanced Strategies.

If you’re like us and you want to forge a new and better path as an Amazon seller, you’re going to want this course.

If you love retail and online arbitrage, this course will help you create an additional stream of Amazon income that will compliment and enhance your current Amazon storefront.

But, if you are happy with your business exactly as it is and you really don’t want to learn to make even more money with bundles, I would encourage you not to buy Debra’s training. She’s not teaching you where to find products to sell, so your money would be better spent on something like Chris Green’s course. 

For those of you who are ready to pull the trigger and purchase, I would suggest you do it sooner rather than later. Why? Because the sooner you learn from Debra, the sooner your competition will fall away, and the sooner you can begin to make even more money as an Amazon seller.

Purchase access here:

Amazon Bundles – Basic and Advanced Strategies

Debra Conrad - Amazon Bundles: Basics and Advanced Strategies