I created a listing, and found it was doing pretty well on Amazon. Another seller came in on it (which doesn’t bother me), but when I went back in to make some changes to the listing that I hoped would drive more traffic, I saw that Amazon was not using all my changes.

I had to know why I could no longer have Amazon accept all the changes to the listing I created.

I’m still learning Amazon FBA, and let me just say this… it can be a brain-full of things to learn.

The day of an Amazon FBA Seller. :-)

This is what I learned about editing product pages on Amazon:

The creator of a product page is responsible for all its initial content. (That was me.)

If a page you created displays info you did not contribute or you are unable to edit a page you created, Amazon has reassigned page control or editing permissions to another seller or to Amazon itself. (This is why only some of the changes I made to the initial listing are being displayed to Buyers on Amazon.)

If you contribute information to an existing listing, a decision is made automatically by “Detail Page Control” whether to display it. (That means there is some “bot” who is the “decider” and it  happens instantly.)

Having said all that, if there are changes you believe should be made to an Amazon product page that would benefit a Buyer, always contact Amazon Seller Support.

Amazon FBA Sellers: About Editing Product Pages