As an Amazon FBA seller, I’m always looking to find more and more products that are priced competitively. Thank goodness for “deal sites” because they really help me find products to sell on Amazon. I thought I’d found all the deal sites that existed, but I was wrong. Just a couple days ago I found more of these awesome online sites to help me find great products at great prices.

Maybe you’ve heard of them, or maybe not. If you haven’t, take a peak and add them to your list of places where you can find things to sell on Amazon.

By the way, ALWAYS make sure you check Ebates (or a similar site) before you pull the trigger to make the purchase. We can’t leave money on the table! I personally have the Ebates toolbar for Chrome so I make sure never to miss an opportunity to snag some cash back. LOVE my “big fat checks”!

Find Products to Sell on Amazon - 8 Sites You May Have Missed.


Ben’s Bargains



Deals of America

Deals Plus

Deal Taker

Gotta Deal

Did I miss any hidden gems you would share? In the meantime, this list of great Amazon FBA resources may be helpful to you as well. Good luck and SEEK, BUY, SELL!!!