We all know we should practice goal setting in order to be truly successful. But, generally speaking, we don’t really make it a priority. I know I definitely don’t.

In 1979 and again in 1989 Harvard interviewed their MBA graduates and what they found is pretty significant with regard to goal setting.

In both studies they showed that the three percent of graduates who had very specific, written goals were earning, on average, ten times as much as the other 97 percent.

Setting goals for your home business in 2015 + free printable goal setting sheet. SeekBuySell.com

In the past when I’ve set goals, they’ve been pretty broad. Things like, “I want to be healthier,” and “I’d like to travel more.”

I’ve learned that those kinds of goals – the loose, fuzzy kind? They don’t work.

That’s why in creating the free printable below, I provided only four small spots to write your goals for 2015. We’ll really have to think about very specific things we want to work for this year, and in so doing, it will make it easier to create exact steps.

The scientific use of thought consists in forming a clear and distinct mental image of what you want; in holding fast to the purpose to get what you want; and in realizing with grateful faith that you do get what you want.

Wallace D. Wattles

To paraphrase, it’s not enough to sit on your behind and think about all the things you want. You have to take steps toward what it is you want, and practice gratitude when you achieve them.

Your Goal Setting Free Printable

Print this little poster, give a lot of thought to what you want in those four small spaces, and hang it above your desk, in your work space, your bathroom, bedroom – wherever.

Put it somewhere you have to see it every day, and every day ask yourself what you’re going to do to move toward the reality of achieving your goals.

If you want to take a trip to Maui, you might first research how much money it’s going to take to get there. If you want to make $10,000 net profit from your business each month, you may want to commit to buying one course from a reputable teacher.

What matters is that you do something, every day. That’s what I am planning to do and I have every confidence that goal setting for our Amazon business will take us to the next level.

(Click here to print or on the photo below to open the PDF.)

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