As I am learning Amazon FBA and how and what to sell in my new business there, one thing is on my mind all the time: increasing sales on Amazon… MY sales. 🙂

I particularly want to increase sales for Amazon products for which I’m the only seller, or I created the Amazon listing.

I’m consuming every bit of info I can ind about increasing sales on Amazon, so I keep notes when I read or hear something I think makes sense for me. Below is my list, and I’d love it if you would share any thoughts or ideas you’ve found that work as well. I’m sure all of us, not just those of us who are new to selling on Amazon, are always looking for ways to increase our sales!

Six tips to increase your Amazon FBA sales! #amazonfba

Increasing Sales on Amazon

1. Keywords: I’ve been living and breathing keywords on Google for as long as they’ve been a “thing.” I’m fairly good at it, only because I’ve always found it incredibly interesting. If you wound up here from a Google search, that means I did my job with this particular blog post.

I’m finding that Amazon is pretty much the same as Google as it pertains to keywords, but there are still some differences. For instance, the title of this blog post “Increasing Sales on Amazon,” is not enough for Google to rank this post well – or even at all. Google spiders want to see that phrase, or some version of that phrase in the “meat” of the blog post itself.

Amazon says that you do not need to repeat keywords again in your listing if you’ve used them in your listing title. So, if I title my Amazon listing, “Extra Large Brown Spider,” (jeez… why was that in my head?) then I shouldn’t worry about using those words again in the keyword section of my listing.

Amazon itself says one of the best ways to find keywords for your listings is the Amazon search bar. Simply start typing keywords into the search bar and Amazon will show you instant results based on what their audience searches for.

From the Amazon Seller Success Blog, “Try to add at least 20 relevant keywords to your product description excluding terms already mentioned in the product title or manufacturer name as those are already included in our search functionality.”

2. Attribute related fields: When you are creating a listing, try to complete as many attribute related fields as possible so that when shoppers drill down to specifics, your listing will show up. What are attributes? Think featured characters, or age recommendations, for instance.

3. Description: Tell buyers everything they’ll want to know in order to feel confident about ordering.

4. Play with Pricing: I’ve seen that sometimes when I adjust the price of my listing up or down a few cents or more, it spurs sales. Why? I don’t know. Does it always work? It does not.

5. Clickety Clickety: This one I learned from a podcast by Barrington McIntosh and the first day I did it, it worked. I sold one of a brand new listing. Has it worked every time? Sadly no. But, I still think it’s worth a try. What could it hurt?

He said to find the #1 seller in the category that your listing is in. I should clarify by saying the lowest rank item that is most similar to what you are selling. Click on it and then go to the Amazon search bar and search for your own listing. Click on it. Close the Amazon window and go back to do that a few more times.  His theory is that when people click on the really low ranking item, yours will begin to show in the section that says, “Customers who viewed this item also viewed.”

6. Be Price Competitive: One of the great things I learned (of the countless) from Jessica Larrew was that you should try to price at least in the middle of the prices you see under “Other sellers on Amazon.”  If you’re priced higher than those three results, you’re not going to show up on the page. Buyers will have to click through to find you… and that’s not likely to happen.

Again, I’m always looking for ways to increase my sales on Amazon, but I’m new. That means I may make mistakes… which I feel are just paths to get me to where I want to be quicker. I’d rather make them fast, learn from them, correct course, and get on down the road. 🙂 Give these a try and if you’d be willing to share a tip you have, I’d love ya for it.

Amaze On!