We are Amazon FBA sellers. We’re relatively new to the whole “fulfillment by Amazon” world, but we’ve jumped in and are loving every little bit of it. Seek, Buy, Sell is our way of sharing resources (so that you might love selling on Amazon as much as we do), and it will may also someday be the home to a Seek, Buy, Sell app. (More info on that to come.) So, why share things we learn with you – our “competition”? Because this playground is large enough for all of us.

We have nothing to fear from your success, and you have nothing to fear from ours. If we’re good to each other and we help each other, only good can come from it.


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Selling K-Cup Samplers on Amazon

Although we haven't tried it, I'm kind of intrigued by seller-prepared and packaged variety packs of single-serve hot beverage products (coffee, tea, etc.). I think it interests me because I LOVE the idea of trying lots of different K-cups before committing to an entire box of something. I wanted to know more about what Amazon has [...]

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Find Products to Sell on Amazon: 6 Videos That Can Help

The number one question people ask when they begin selling on Amazon is this, "Where and how do I find products to sell on Amazon?" That totally makes sense. I think that too often it's made to sound too easy, like going fishing and kicking back while the fish jump in the boat. 🙂 Today [...]

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Goal Setting Printable for Your 2015

We all know we should practice goal setting in order to be truly successful. But, generally speaking, we don't really make it a priority. I know I definitely don't. In 1979 and again in 1989 Harvard interviewed their MBA graduates and what they found is pretty significant with regard to goal setting. In both studies [...]

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Our Amazon FBA Business Plan for 2015

JD and I hope your Q4 was as successful as ours... or even better. He and I decided some time ago that once Q4 was in the books for us, we would change our business model significantly for 2015. That's exactly what we're poised to do. It's no big secret at all. In 2015, we [...]

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Amazon Images: 4 Awesome Tools We Use Everyday

As profitable as creating bundles for Amazon is for us, the Amazon images for the bundles can be a bit of a challenge. Over time I've found tools that help me do a better job with our product images, and I've learned some things a long the way. Hopefully you'll find some help here with [...]

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The Best Chrome Extensions & Apps for Amazon Sellers

If you could see my computer right now, you'd probably laugh. I have SO MANY Chrome extensions and apps! I love finding shortcuts, hacks and ways to streamline our business. Chrome extensions really help me get things done faster and smarter. I'm going to share with you 8 Chrome extensions I use every day and really [...]

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Selling on Amazon: Free Info to Get Started

I received a wonderfully sweet note from a lady who very much wants to learn to sell on Amazon, but who really needs to spend her start-up funds carefully. After reading what she had to say, it occurred to me that I should really put together a list of free resources for Amazon sellers. Before we [...]

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{Review} Bundle Basics and Advanced Strategies by Debra Conrad

When JD and I first starting selling on Amazon, we did what I think virtually every new seller does. We found products at a low price either online or in stores, and we sold them on Amazon at their price, hopefully making a profit. We still do a lot of that. But, it wasn't too [...]

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Amazon Sellers: What Does “Reserved” Really Mean?

I know a lot of Amazon sellers are confused when it comes to products that are "reserved" in Seller Central. We were a bit confused as well. That's why I decided to call Amazon support and get a definitive answer. Here’s the breakdown of what Amazon had to say regarding “Reserved” status and what it [...]

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Sourcing for Amazon: 4 Stores You May Have Missed

If you're like me, you want to try and stay away from doing everything "the pack" does when you're sourcing for Amazon. What I mean by that is that I try not to source things that everyone else is sourcing. The low hanging fruit, so to speak. Naturally I want to get away from competition [...]

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(5) Quick Tips for Amazon Sellers

Amazon sellers are busy people. (That was the understatement of the year!) Our 4th quarter, while so crazy profitable, is a bottomless pit of time-suck swirling around. I'm nothing if not eloquent. 🙂 You don't have time to read a lot and I don't have time to write a lot, so I decided to share [...]

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Amazon Bundles Are Our 4th Quarter Gold Mine

I've written about Amazon bundles before, but I continued to be amazed at how well they sell and how profitable they can be. Looking at our Inventory Lab numbers this morning, it was easy to see where we are really killing it this 4th quarter: AMAZON BUNDLES! I have found I can do some due [...]

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The Very Best {and worst} Black Friday Sales

When it comes to Black Friday sales, I am pretty skeptical. We as consumers have been duped into thinking this one day on the calendar is all about rock bottom prices and deals that'll make our credit cards cry out with joy. I'm not a fan of going shopping "out in the wild," on Black [...]

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Find Products to Sell on Amazon (with a little help from your friends)

JD and I are up to our eyeballs in our first 4th Quarter, and we are loving it! Making sure I find products to sell on Amazon is, as always, incredibly important right now and so in order to keep our machine moving, sourcing is something I am working on every single day. I have barely [...]

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Amazon FBA Giveaway – Just for You

My partner and I have one relationship rule that we believe is the thing that keeps us happy and excited about our lives. Several years ago he said, "I'm going to wake up every day and ask myself how I can be good to you." And, that's what he's done. That's how we go through [...]

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