I am not about to insult your intelligence by explaining to you what Pinterest is, or why you should be using it as a part of your Amazon business. That would be like telling you there is an internet and you should be on it. 🙂

But, I do think some sellers may struggle a little bit with how to really optimize Pinterest for their Amazon business. Maybe I can help you out, just a little. (Fingers crossed.) As y’all may remember, I’m a shameless research freak and a marketing junkie.

I do want to add one little side note, before we get to the good stuff. Some time ago I was approved for Pinterest promoted ads, and I was all over it. I did a lot of research (ha!) and a lot of listening to some amazing business blogs who were did a much larger spend that I was willing to do. My personal opinion, (and so many of them say the same), is that it was an abysmal failure as compared to other ad spends. The jury is out on Pinterest promoted pins. As for me? I’m out for now. I’d rather drop ad dollars in more proven markets. I’ll be excited to hear your results, should you give it a go.

Read to the end because I have a tip for you that’ll make you a product researcher, first class!

Absolutely awesome sauce Pinterest tricks for super smart Amazon sellers! SeekBuySell.com

No. 1

If you are so inclined, you can set up your Pinterest account as a business. The benefit is that you’ll be able to see analytics about your pins so you can make better decisions about what’s working and what’s not. (There is no cost.)

Is it absolutely necessary for an Amazon seller? I don’t think so. If you have your own blog or website, then yes. Otherwise, you’ll be fine without that feature for now.

If you change your mind at any time, you can do it down the road. It’s not terribly difficult. Go here to convert your account to a business account.

No. 2

Name those Pinterest boards with the same thought you put into naming your first born child. (Even I cannot believe I just wrote that.)

Okay, so it’s not THAT deep, but it is important.

Let’s say you sell Mickey Mouse goodies. What words would people search for that would indicate they have an intent to purchase something with a big mouse emblazoned on it? Mickey Mouse toys? Maybe.

But, we can drill down a little further and really increase our chances of being found by nice people with credit cards in hand.

What about “Mickey Mouse gifts”? People who would use that search phrase are sort of telling us they need to buy something, right?

How about “Things to Pack for Disney?” Someone is taking a big, expensive trip and it would be CRAZY not to get a Mickey Mouse carry on. 🙂 They’re worried they are going to forget something and they need Pinterest to help them out.

Think the way your ideal customer thinks when they are in the buying mood and use those words to name your boards.

No. 3

Once you’ve got your boards all shiny and ready, don’t forget to Pin your product(s) from the Amazon product page. They even have a sweet, little Pinterest button right there.

What if you aren’t the only seller? Click over to your own Amazon storefront, find the product, and pin it.

No. 4

For each time you pin your own product, pin someone else’s great content 9 times.

No one likes the guy at the party who only talks about himself. When you’re only pinning your own products, you’re like that guy. Be cool. Play nice. Be good to other people.

With our “Mickey Mouse gifts” board, we should be pinning DIY tips to create Mickey Mouse party favors, and Mickey Mouse cake recipes, and Mickey Mouse printables. You’re curating a beautiful little magazine with each of your boards, so fill it with amaze-balls content that people will love.

Your new best Pinterest friend:

You don’t have to try to create all this wonderful content all by yourself, so don’t feel overwhelmed.

I use (and love) a tool called Board Booster to help me with all my boards and content. It’s inexpensive (which is my favorite word, right after “biscuits,” and oodles of power bloggers use it. If you use my link to try it, I’ll get $5 toward my subscription fee. That will make me very happy, and you are a good egg for being so kind. I personally use their schedule and looping service for $10 a month. (It’ll make more sense once you check them out.)

It is amazing for getting lots of repins, to connect you with other pinners and to find relevant content that’ll build out your boards automatically.

Your reward for reading!

As promised, here are a couple awesome-sauce tips that lots of people may miss.

Want to see what people are pinning from Amazon? Of course you do! It’s awesome market research! Click here to see organize pins that folks on Amazon are pinning. All of them. Every one. No kidding.

{I’ll bet that you’ll be able to tell by the board names and the keyword stuffing which are from sellers trying to figure this whole Pinterest for business thing, (and totally failing), and which are real customers who love something and have found it to be entirely pinworthy.}

How about some more fabulous market research?

Take this little snippet, copy it and paste it exactly into your brower. Where you see ANYWEBSITE, drop in any retailer you want to see what buyers are falling in love with, and what new trends are emerging.


Isn’t that cool? You’re totally on your way to becoming a research junkie, just like me. 🙂

Thanks for reading! If you have a tip or question about using Pinterest as an Amazon seller, please comment below and let me know. Good luck!