Well, this could be a very big deal. Pinterest has announced that it will give users the ability to purchase items without having to leave the site by adding a “Buy” button to pins.

They’ve said it will launch, I would guess in a very limited way, sometime this year.

Pinterest announces a BUY button coming in 2015.

Pinterest isn’t planning on allowing just anyone use the new feature. They only want retailers that are fully capable of fulfilling those orders, so for now at least, they’re not including Etsy or eBay sellers.

And, of course, we can speculate that Pinterest definitely wants an affiliate cut. Hey… I’m a firm believer in affiliate income. For the great product they have created for all of us who are incredibly addicted to Pinterest, I’m all for them making some money for their efforts.

But, you know who is definitely set up to take incredible advantage of this new revenue stream? Amazon. Naturally.

I’ll be watching with interest to see how it all plays out. This could be awesome!