I’ll admit to you that product sourcing for Amazon is one of the things that seems most challenging. It is for me, anyway. I’ve taken lots of courses to learn about product sourcing for Amazon, but I can still feel overwhelmed.

I’ve had what I consider to be some big wins when it comes to sourcing. But, believe me when I tell you I’ve had some, shall we say, “learning opportunities.”

As a lover of research and information, I decided that for me anyway, maybe a good way to narrow down all the products that are out there to source would be to try and understand trends a little better. I decided to do a little dive in the Google ocean to see what I could learn. Maybe it’ll help you with product sourcing, too. I hope so!

Product Sourcing

Product sourcing for Amazon FBA using Google Trends. #AmazonFBA #SellingOnAmazon

Google Trends is free and easy to use. I think the majority of people who use Google use it for web and image search and never give it another thought. That’s too bad because Google has so much information that is made available to anyone who wants it.

Right now, I know 4th quarter is coming for Amazon FBA sellers and the Facebook groups I’m a pat of are buzzing with excitement and questions. Those who have been doing this awhile are super encouraging and definitely have let those of us who are new know that it’s a very big deal in terms of increasing our Amazon sales and making more money.

One of the Amazon categories I want to understand better is toys.  I’ll show you here how I learn about what toys are hot by taking a peek into what people are searching for that might translate into buying a toy.

First, go to Google Trends

Sourcing products with Google trends.

Next, I’m going to scroll down until I see a category called Kids TV and click. My hope is that will give me ideas about what kids are watching so that I have a good place to start some research into buying toys they’ll want.

In the next screenshot, you can see that SpongeBob comes up at #1 and that it’s spent 126 months in the top 10. To learn even more, I click on “explore.”

Learning to source kids' toys for Amazon FBA.

When I click on explore, I see “Interest Over Time,” and “Regional Interest.” What I”m really interested in here are any related searches, so if I scroll down further I see that “Patrick Star,” is a really popular related search.

I go to Amazon and search for “Patrick Star,” sort by category and what’s New & Popular, and I see lots of Patrick Star items I can research to determine whether I may want to source them to sell. I would never have otherwise thought to take a look at toys or other items related to Patrick Star.

I can also subscribe to the Kids’ TV category in Google Trends so I can get an email to keep me up to date on what is happening in Kids’ TV. That is important to me because although I have two grand-monkeys (my precious grandson and granddaughter), they only give me a window into what’s popular with the two of them.

Next I click on the little “squiggly line” 🙂 which is going to share more insights with me about what’s trending in kids’ TV.  It will show me search topics with the largest increase in search volume since the previous period.

kids tv 1

Today when I did this I found “The Legend of Korra” is trending. I had NO idea what that was, so I clicked through to explore. I found lots of things “Korra” related to search in Amazon. It opened up a whole new world of product sourcing possibilities for me.

I hope I explained this well enough. 🙂 There is a lot more deep-diving you can do in Google Trends, so my advice is not to be afraid of it and just click, click, click in any topic or category you want to understand more for your Amazon product sourcing.

Amaze On!