A Real Disclosure

affiliate info(I have this very honest disclosure on all my websites. I wrote it this way because it’s the truth and and I think readers are intelligent enough to handle the truth.) 


If you’re stoked to read my very legal and totally compliant disclosure policy created by NASA scientists in an effort to keep me out of Federal prison for taking 9 American pennies from an advertiser you don’t know about, please click here.

If you’d like me to treat you like you didn’t smoke pot for an entire decade while simultaneously inhaling a bleach & Pine-sol cocktail, then I’m going to break it down for you in plain English right here. Save you a little time, and whatnot.

I am a blogger. That word is derived from the Greek word “blog”, meaning to write words on a machine and force other people to read them, and “ger”- meaning to be paid 19 cents a year for your efforts.

This blog does, will,  and shall always & forever take money when it is offered by advertisers that I like. Let me be extra clear about that…when advertisers I appreciate and believe in want to give me money, I will probably take it. 

I like money, I use it in my daily life on frivolous things like a roof and food and even though I try to stop, I keep giving in and buying electricity.

However, it’s equally true that if an advertiser sells, stands for or does something that doesn’t jive with me as a human person, I will politely decline to take their cash.

That’s why you’ll never see ads for puppy-kicking or Rush Limbaugh here.

If someone sends me something to review and tells me I can haz it for free, I will take it and I will try it. I will take it even if it’s something I will never actually use in real life, like mustache bleach. (Just because it’s blonde doesn’t mean it’s invisible.)

If it turns out I really do like it, I’ll blog about it and use words like, “fantastic”, and maybe even “Elvis-like.” If there are little things about it I think could be a bit better, I’ll say so.

If I dislike the product and decide I would rather light my eyebrows on fire than ever use it, you will never know it because I won’t give it the first mention on this blog no matter how much it costs or how much a company spent sending it to me. I don’t think the world needs another human talking about how much they hate something.

We all had enough of that with my first husband.

In short, even though I accept money from good people who are kind enough to give it to me, I’m an honorable person who really does want to do right by my readers.

If you are reading a post and you cannot sleep at night unless you know once and for all whether I was paid when you clicked on an ad, email me. I will laugh at you for not having anything to do other than email me, but I will answer.
I like you. I’m glad you’re here and so are my sweet advertisers. PS: The utility company says thanks.