JD & I Are Saying Goodbye

If that sounds like he and I are getting a divorce, or that we are about to hold hands and jump off a cliff together, mission accomplished. As I write this I feel pretty darn dramatic, so I guess I needed a little Soap Opera open. ūüôā Keep reading and you’ll see why.

To say thank you for being our friends, we are also giving you a free gift valued at $10. No strings. No BS. All we ask in return is that you read this announcement to the end and it’s all yours.Yeah, we know you can totally skip ahead, but the guilt you would feel would keep you awake for days, possibly weeks even.

SEEKBUYSELL.com is for sale.

We have put the “for sale” sign on this¬†little acre of internet land. We’ve been selling several of our websites and although they’ve moved really quickly, you just never know. But, even if it takes a while¬†JD and I won’t be updating the site any longer.

We are also saying goodbye to our Amazon business.

Being Amazon sellers was lots of fun for a while. And don’t get me wrong – the money was just awesome. But, JD and I know we have always been most fulfilled when we are helping other people achieve their dreams.

It’s the space in which we’ve both excelled in our lives. It’s the thing that lights us up and makes us bounce out of bed. We feel as giddy as little kids when we are helping other people become everything we know they can be.

To that end JD has accepted a thrilling position with a marketing firm in Chicago and I am once again joy-filled to be heading back into the small business consultancy biz (at least just a little bitty bit…for now).

Nothing makes either of us happier than making someone else a¬†rock star. It’s nice work – if you can get it.¬†ūüėČ

So that’s it then.¬†Thank you for being such a kind group of people. Thank you for your emails, your comments & even though it may not be cool to say so, thank you for each time you made one of your purchases through our site. Every time you did that you paid us a little, and we think you’re pretty awesome for that kindness.

Pretty awesome, indeed.

We wish each of you so much success with your Amazon business and/or any other dream you reach for. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help – it’s a sign of a super smart business owner. There are folks in this business we trust and we believe you can trust them as well. (Folks like Jessica Larrew & Debra Conrad & Stephen Smotherman¬†& Daniel¬†Johannes – to name just a few.) ¬†Visit their sites, ask them questions, and join their communities.

Wherever your Amazon business takes you, I want you to know that two folks in Kansas believe in you because we know for sure if we can learn to make bundles of money with Amazon, you absolutely can learn, too.

Sher & JD

PS: If you’re interested in purchasing SeekBuySell, see the banner at the top of the page.