As my partner and I are continually learning to sell stuff on Amazon, we are also continually consuming information from people who are smarter than us. We figure if learning from people who know things they don’t is good enough for brain surgeons and rocket scientists, it’s good enough to learn to sell stuff on Amazon.

This is (some) of what we’ve devoured recently, and if you want to sell your own stuff on Amazon, we suggest you step away from the tape gun, put the box cutter some place your dog won’t lick it, and grab a couple bites of brain food from these generous people who are happy to share. (They’re like zombies, but only nicer and with better skin.)

Side note: I am a grown-ass woman who is obsessed with zombies. I share that obsession with my college kiddo, aka Big Dog. If you’re an intelligent adult who finds the idea of zombies childish and/or gory, I apologize for what I’m sure will be countless references to The Walking Dead all over this blog. I simply can’t help myself.  But even if I could, at my age I’ve decided I can do whatever I want – so long as it’s not criminal in the majority of the 37 states that matter.

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Free Brain Food for Amazon Sellers



  1.  Debra Conrad has a 60 page guide for Amazon sellers that’s all about shopping in thrift stores for Holiday profit. If you don’t know who Debra is, she calls herself a “streamer” (her term meaning she has multiple streams of income), and she’s super knowledgeable about lots of things, including shopping thrift stores for high profit items to resell. Click here and go to there. 
  2. Although this is an older post, Katherine Kay does a great job of lining out a few really low-barrier way for folks to begin to sell stuff on Amazon. Great tips if you’re wondering where in the world to begin to look for things, and/or you have a small budget to start. Click here to go to there. 
  3. Stephen Smotherman has lots of great info on his blog, (I should say, he and his wife do), and the latest post is no different. In it, he talks about the dreadful “race to the bottom” that you must learn to manage as an Amazon seller. It’s important information for new sellers in order to understand what it means to price your items competitively for the Buy Box. Click here to go to there.
  4. How about a link to newbie Amazon FBA sellers frequently asked questions, and authoritative answers? If you’re wondering how you send inventory into Amazon, for example, Skip McGrath answers. While you’re there, make sure you bookmark his site. There is always so much phenomenal free info there for online sellers. Click here to go to there.
  5. Have you ever wondered, “How do Amazon used booksellers stay in business selling many books for $0.01?” Yep. Me, too. ELI5 on Reddit has the answer. (ELI5 means “explain like I’m 5.) Click here to go to there.
  6. Is this your 4th Quarter selling stuff on Amazon? Us, too! Take a peek at The Selling Family’s free list of resources to help you not only get through it, but thrive. When someone tells me they sold $100K in December alone last year, I perk up and pay attention.  Click here to go to there. 
  7. Cody Hawk presents talks about pricing for Amazon FBA, the fees, etc in this video. He’s right when he says pricing, “often jams up” Amazon sellers. Totally. Amazon Pricing with Cody Hawk

Here’s hoping this free brain food from nice people gives you a boost. WE LOVE NICE PEOPLE!

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