Although we haven’t tried it, I’m kind of intrigued by seller-prepared and packaged variety packs of single-serve hot beverage products (coffee, tea, etc.). I think it interests me because I LOVE the idea of trying lots of different K-cups before committing to an entire box of something.

I wanted to know more about what Amazon has to say about it. After reading the rules they’ve laid out, I thought I’d condense it down here for those of you who may be interested. (source: Amazon)

How to sell K-cup sampler packs on Amazon /

How many can I put in a box?

  • Custom variety packs are permitted only in unit count sizes (cups, pods, capsules, etc.) that are in multiples of 10 (for example, 10, 20, 30, 40, etc.)

How do I package the K-cups?

The K-cups, or pods, etc. must be new, unused, and unopened.

The contents of the cups or pods cannot be removed from their original packaging and put into another container. It’s nuts Amazon has to say this, but just know that you can’t pour the grounds from a Starbucks K-cup into a K-cup you make in your garage. (LOL)

You should use a sturdy, sealed cardboard box that will protect the contents during shipping. The box may be custom printed box or may have a printed sticker affixed to the packaging.

Can I mix coffee, tea and other beverages in one box?

Yes, you can! But, if you do Amazon says they must be in equal proportions. (I wonder why?) For example, for a variety pack containing 3 types of products (coffee, tea, and hot chocolate) for a total of 20 pods, you would include 7 pods each of two products (tea and coffee) and 6 pods of one product (cocoa) to equal 20 pods in the variety pack.

What info goes in the listing?

You (naturally) have to include every type, brand, etc. in your listing. The brand must say Custom Variety Pack.

Amazon says this is a correctly formatted title: 

10-count single-cup coffee pack sampler for Keurig K-Cup Brewers.

Similarly, Amazon uses this example for the correct way to create the description: 

Contains 1 Donut Shop Coffee Regular Extra Bold, 1 Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend, 1 Eight O’Clock Coffee Dark Italian Roast, 1 Cinnabon Coffee Classic Cinnamon Roll, 1 Eight O’Clock Coffee 100% Columbian, 1 Green Mountain Coffee French Vanilla, 1 Jet Fuel Dark Roast, 1 Tully’s Coffee Italian Roast, 1 Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend, 1 Caribou Coffee Daybreak Morning Blend
Note: “K-Cup portion packs for Keurig K-Cup Brewers” should be used when a pack contains only K-Cup brands that are owned or licensed by Green Mountain

What about the K-cup listing images?

Your main image has to be a top down view of every serving unit contained in the pack. Amazon’s customer has to be able to easily read each label.

Amazon even has specific directions for your second image. You have to have a photo of the box in which the customer will receive their sample pack (a new, plain, cardboard box is fine) with two to three K-cups sitting next to it. Amazon wants their customers to understand how they can expect to receive the products.

Amazon also says sellers must note in the feature bullets that box style and size may vary from what is pictured.

Click here for some info about how I create our Amazon images. 

How do I label my sampler variety pack?

Packages must have the following info:

  • Product name
  • Name and address of the packaging company (your Amazon business name)
  • Expiration date of the earliest expiring item among all of the items in the package. (For example, if one pod is set to expire in January and the remaining pods are set to expire in March, you would list January as the package expiration date.)
  • Net content quantity and weight (The weight of the contents, not including any packaging.)

If I were going to go into this niche (which I’m not…. at least right now), there are some strategic things I’d probably do to determine what kind of K-cup variety pack to test.

I’d find the ten top sellers on Amazon and go straight to the 3 star reviews to see why they weren’t absolutely thrilled with their purchase.

In about 90 seconds this morning I can see that lots of reviewers don’t appreciate just having their K-cups tossed in a box. I think I might package mine incredibly carefully and mention that in the product listing.

The 3 star reviews also frequently mention that the K-cups they ordered won’t work in the 2.0 machine. They’re asking for variety packs they can use in their new machines, so I’d fill that need.

I’m sure you will find oodles of great, actionable R&D info right in the comments section as well.

If you’re up for it, I think this could be an interesting niche. It’s not my “cup of tea” really, but I have no doubt lots of sellers are wonderfully successful in this space.

Good luck!