I have had some success sourcing products on Kmart.com, but the truth is I’ve also had some challenges. The great thing is that sometimes you can snag a super deal, it always ships quickly and arrives at your door all ready to get back out the door for Amazon.

But, more than once I’ve found a product on Kmart.com that I was ready to pull the trigger on – only to get all the way through checkout and find they have none in stock. That’s a total bummer.

I got lucky today, though. The deal I found this morning was so awesome, I would have been satisfied with the total in my shopping cart. However because of some great little goodies online, I managed to reduce the price I paid by nearly $40!

What to sell on Amazon FBA - using Kmart.com

First, and I should probably say OF COURSE, I activated eBates. I used to forget to start at eBates before shopping and then I found the Chrome extension. No more worries there.

Second, my Ziftr extension for Chrome showed me all the coupons available currently on Kmart.com.

Third, because I ordered over a certain dollar amount, I got free shipping. Awesome sauce!

And finally, I used my resale tax ID as everything in my order is for resale. I’d never tried to use it on Kmart.com before, but this morning I decided to find out whether I could.

Here’s how you can do it as well:

If you have your state resale tax ID certificate, as soon as you checkout, email  taxexempt@customerservice.sears.com and they will refund any sales tax you’ve been charged. You can’t do it once and done, unfortunately. With Kmart.com you’ll need to go through the same email process each time you buy something for resale. (Kmart’s taexemption policy is here.)

To get started trying your luck with sourcing from Kmart online, click here to go directly to their clearance section. 

Good luck and AMAZE ON!!!